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Commercial Aviation Services






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Establishes Commercial Aviation Coordinating Work Group to study the need for increased commercial aviation services.



Governor's veto message includes:
-Section 3 directs the Work Group to simultaneously consider
expanding capacity at existing airports and siting a new airport. However, it is important for the state to first fully consider increasing capacity at existing airports throughout the state, excluding SeaTac, before it considers siting a new airport.
-Section 5 amends the 2022 supplemental transportation budget and redirects funds that have already been spent.
-Section 7 repeals three uncodified sections from the 2021 - 2023 budgets that would reinstate an expiration date for the current workgroup of 7/1/22. Since the current workgroup has been conducting the activities authorized by law subsequent to that date, the authority to carry out those activities cannot be retroactively removed.
-Section 8 is an emergency clause. The current Commercial Aviation Coordinating Commission will expire 6/30/23. The existing Commission is required to report a single site to the legislature by June 15 and that report should reflect the findings of the Commission that they do not have a single site recommendation at this time. Therefore, an emergency
clause is not needed.

Summary as delivered to Governor - Replaces the Commercial Aviation Coordinating Commission (Commission) with a Commercial Aviation Coordinating Work Group (Work Group).

Directs the Work Group to evaluate the commercial aviation needs of Washington within the broader context of state transportation needs and the specific needs of western Washington.

Requires the Work Group to investigate the expansion of existing aviation facilities and possible siting locations for new greenfield aviation facilities and report on the strengths and weaknesses of each site considered.



Governor vetoes sections 3,5,7,8.


02/07/2023 First reading, Referred to House Committee on Transportation.
02/16/2023 Hearing in House Committee on Transportation.
02/23/2023 Executive action taken in the House Committee on Transportation. Recommends passage of substitution.
02/24/2023 Referred to House Committee on Rules for review.
03/08/2023 Second reading. Floor amendment adopted. Placed on third reading.
03/08/2023 Third reading. Passed House as adopted.
03/10/2023 First reading in Senate. Referred to Senate Committee on Transportation.
03/21/2023 Hearing in the Senate Committee on Transportation.
04/04/2023 Senate Committee on Transportation recommends passage as amended.
04/11/2023 Placed on second reading in Senate by Rules Committee.
04/12/2023 Committee amendment adopted with no other amendments. Rules suspended. Placed on third reading in Senate.
04/12/2023 Third reading. Passed Senate.
04/18/2023 House concurred in Senate amendments.
Passed House. Signed by Speaker of the House.
04/20/2023 Delivered to Governor.
05/15/2023 Governor partially vetoed.