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Gives trucking companies an incentive to incorporate LPG systems in their vehicles without sacrificing cargo space by treating LPG vehicles in the same way as natural-gas fueled vehicles with respect to weight limitations.



Amends the Transportation Code to authorize a vehicle or combination of vehicles that is powered by an engine fueled primarily or secondarily by liquefied petroleum gas or secondarily by natural gas to exceed statutory vehicle weight limitations by an amount that is equal to the difference between the weight of the vehicle attributable to the natural gas or liquefied petroleum gas tank and fueling system carried by that vehicle and the weight of a comparable diesel tank and fueling system. However, the maximum gross weight of such a
vehicle or combination of vehicles may not exceed a certain weight. Changes from 82,000 pounds to 81,000 pounds the maximum gross weight of the vehicle or combinations of
vehicles authorized to exceed statutory weight limitations.





02/28/2023 Filed in House
03/14/2023 Read first time in House.
03/14/2023 Referred to House Committee on Transportation.
04/12/2023 Considered in public hearing.
04/12/2023 Committee substitute considered in committee.
04/19/2023 Considered in public hearing.
04/19/2023 Committee substitute considered in committee.
04/19/2023 Reported favorably as substituted by Committee.
04/27/2023 Comte report filed with Committee Coordinator.
05/01/2023 Comm. report sent to Local & Consent Calendar
05/03/2023 Considered in House Local & Consent Calendars.
05/06/2023 Placed on House Local, Consent, and Res. Calendar. Passed Committee.
05/06/2023 Read 2nd time in House.
05/06/2023 Read third time. Passed House.
05/06/2023 Passed to engrossment.
05/06/2023 Reported engrossed in House.
05/08/2023 Received in Senate from the House.
05/09/2023 Read first time in Senate.
05/09/2023 Referred to Senate Committee on Transportation.
05/29/2023 Died upon adjournment.