Susan McLain
900 Court St. NE, H-493
Salem, OR 97301
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CDL, Fuel Tax






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Omnibus transportation bill includes administration of Federal Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse and CDLs; amends laws related to commercial driver training schools; amends requirements for fuel use tax; defines liquefied petroleum gas.



Directs Department of Transportation to administer federal Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse related to commercial driving privileges.

Modifies and repeals laws related to commercial driver training schools.

For use fuel purposes, a valid user's license is not required if the tax for all fuel used is paid at time of sale, or if person
is subject to either weight-mile tax or flat fee rate.

Adds definition of "liquefied petroleum gas" to use fuel
statutes. Increases volumes of compressed natural gas, and adds volumes of liquefied petroleum gas, liquefied natural gas, and hydrogen for taxation of use fuels.

Directs ODOT to adopt rules necessary to administer the
federal Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse and prohibits department from issuing or renewing commercial driving
privileges for person who has not complied with rules. Revises statutes related to regulation and certification of
persons and organizations for safe operation of motor vehicles, including commercial motor vehicles.

Clarifies that ODOT may issue temporary permits for Class C driver licenses and noncommercial driving permits and may establish eligibility by rule. Modifies provisions for permanent
suspension of commercial driving privileges.

Permits weighmaster or motor carrier enforcement officer to present evidence in lieu of city or district attorney in certain cases.

Repeals sections related to commercial driver training schools and revises ODOT rulemaking authority for commercial driving
schools. Modifies fees for certain certificates for dealers, dismantlers, towing businesses, vehicle transporters,
training instructors, and commercial driver training schools.



Effective 91st day after adjournment.


01/09/2023 First reading in House. Referred to Speaker's desk.
01/11/2023 Referred to House Committee on Transportation. 05/09/2023 Public Hearing held.
05/18/2023 Work Session held.
05/24/2023 Recommendation: Do pass with amendments and be printed A-Engrossed.
05/25/2023 Second reading in House.
05/26/2023 Carried over to 05/30/2023 Calendar by virtue of adjournment.
05/30/2023 Carried over to 0531/2023 Calendar by virtue of adjournment.
05/31/2023 Third reading. Passed House.
06/15/2023 First reading in Senate. Referred to President's desk.
06/15/2023 Referred to Senate Committee on Transportation.
06/20/2023 Senate Committee on Transportation recommends passage.
06/20/2023 Second reading in the Senate.
06/21/2023 Carried over to 6/22/23 by unanimous consent.
06/22/2023 Third reading. Passed Senate.
06/24/2023 Speaker signed.
06/24/2023 President signed.
07/27/2023 Signed by Governor.