Harvey Epstein
LOB 419 Albany, NY 12248
Albany, NY 12248
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Prohibits idling of on-road heavy duty vehicles, including truck, for more than 5 consecutive minutes.



Amends Article 19 of the Environmental Conserva-
tion Law by adding a new title 13 Heavy Duty Vehicle Idling to:

1. Provide that his title applies to all on-road heavy duty vehicles propelled by diesel fueled and non-diesel fueled engines that have a gross vehicle weight rating exceeding eighty-five hundred pounds, excluding marine vessels.

2. Set forth the definition for "hybrid electric vehicle".

3. Prohibit the idling of any heavy-duty vehicle including a bus or truck, powered by a diesel or non-diesel fueled engine for more than five consecutive minutes when the heavy-duty vehicle is in motion.

4. Exempts from the idling prohibition when:

(a) a diesel or non-diesel fueled heavy duty vehicle is forced to remain motionless because of traffic conditions;

(b) federal, state, or local regulations require a specific temperature for passenger comfort; in such case, the idling time specified may be increased to the extent necessary to comply with such regulations;

(c) a diesel or non-diesel fueled engine is being used to provide power for an auxiliary purpose; or when operation of the engine is required for maintenance;

(d) idling is due to fire, police and public utility trucks or other
vehicles performing emergency services;

(e) trucks owned or operated by persons engaged in mining and quarrying that are used within the confines of such person's property;

(f) a diesel fueled truck is to remain motionless for a period exceeding two hours, and the ambient temperature is continuously below 25 degrees Fahrenheit;

(g) a heavy-duty diesel vehicle is queued for or is undergoing a state authorized periodic or roadside diesel emissions inspection;

(h) a hybrid-electric vehicle is idling to provide energy to the battery or other energy recharging storage;

(i) a heavy-duty vehicle is used for agricultural purposes on a farm; and

(j) it is an electric powered vehicle.



Carries-over to 2024. Pending Committee action.


02/07/2023 Referred to Assembly Committee on Environmental Conservation.