Daniele Monroe-Moreno
5575 Simmons Street, No.154 North
Las Vegas, NV 89031
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Fuel Tax






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Revises provisions governing the effectuation of additional annual increases in certain taxes imposed on fuels for motor vehicles in certain larger counties.



Governor's veto message: I am forwarding to you, for filing within the time limit set forth in the Nevada Constitution and
without my approval, Assembly Bill 359, which is titled as follows:
AN ACT relating to taxation; revising provisions governing the effectuation of additional annual increases in certain taxes imposed on fuels for motor vehicles in certain larger counties; and providing other matters properly relating thereto.

Ensuring well-maintained roads for Clark County residents and visitors is an important goal. However, the mechanism proposed in AB 359circumventing an affirmative vote of the people is concerning to me. The arguments in favor of fuel revenue indexing are compelling, but a decision on this issue, which impacts household budgets every day, is most appropriately rendered by the voters.

There is no question that the increasing number of hybrid and electric vehicles is diminishing fuel tax revenues, shifting the cost burden for keeping our roads in good repair to those driving vehicles powered by traditional gasoline engines. The high upfront cost for the most fuel-efficient vehicles is a significant barrier to many Nevadans, leaving those with fewer resources shouldering a disproportionate share of the expense for the care and upkeep of our transportation infrastructure.

AB 359 does not adequately address how to ensure that all drivers contribute fairly towards the shared resource of well-maintained streets.

The current, voter-authorized fuel revenue indexing does not expire until 2026, leaving sufficient time for further consideration of solutions that more equitably allocate responsibility for roadway improvements among all users.
For these reasons, I veto this bill and return it without my signature or approval.



Pending Assembly action on governor's veto.


03/21/2023 Read first time in Assembly. Referred to Assembly Committee on Revenue.
04/14/2023 Passed from Assembly Committee on Revenue.
04/17/2023 Read second time in Assembly.
04/19/2023 Read third time. Passed Assembly. To Senate.
04/20/2023 Read first time in Senate. Referred to Senate Committee on Growth and Infrastructure.
05/18/2023 Passed from Senate. Committee on Growth and Infrastructure.
05/19/2023 Read second time in Senate.
05/22/2023 Placed on General File for next legislative day.
05/23/2023 Read third time. Passed Senate. To Assembly for enrollment.
05/26/2023 Enrolled and delivered to Governor.
06/01/2023 Vetoed by the Governor.
06/03/2023 Read in Assembly with Governor's veto message. Placed on Chief Clerk's desk.