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Fuel Tax






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Includes any motor fuel not subject to taxes, to the definition of alternative fuel.



Concerns various motor vehicle matters. Includes hydrogen, hythane, electricity, or any other fuel used to propel a motor vehicle on a highway that is not subject to certain taxes to the definition of "alternative fuel". Provides that for the tax imposed on the consumption of a natural gas product or an alternative fuel, the tax rate is the same rate per gallon equivalent at which special fuel is taxed divided by the
carrier's average miles per gallon for all vehicles within the carrier's fleet that consume certain fuels, in the case of an alternative fuel that is not commonly or commercially known or sold as butane or propane. Provides that a carrier subject to certain imposed motor vehicle taxes is exempt from submitting to the Department of State Revenue
quarterly reports of the operations of commercial motor vehicles giving rise to the carrier's tax liability as the Department may require under certain circumstances. Provides that a carrier that is exempt from the quarterly reporting requirements: (1) must continue to file a quarterly return to obtain a promotional use credit; (2) is
required to keep books and records; and (3) is exempt from certain requirements regarding an annual permit, a cab card, and an emblem. Specifies that the supplemental fees for a hybrid vehicle and an electric vehicle for the 2024 registration year are to be determined using the gasoline tax index factor. Provides that the term "driver training school" does not include a business enterprise that educates or trains a person or prepares a person to operate a commercial motor vehicle.



Effective after 12/31/2023


01/09/2023 First reading in House. Referred to House Committee on Roads and Transportation.
02/07/2023 House Committee report adopted.
02/07/2023 Referred to House Committee on Ways and Means.
02/14/2023 House Committee on Ways and Means report adopted.
02/16/2023 Second reading in House. Ordered engrossed.
02/20/2023 Third reading. Passed House.
02/21/2023 Referred to the Senate.
02/28/2023 First reading in Senate. Referred to Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Transportation.
03/16/2023 Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Transportation recommended passage as adopted. Reassigned to Senate Committee on Appropriations.
04/06/2023 Committee report recommends adoption as amended.
04/13/2023 Second reading. Amended. Ordered engrossed. Amendments #2, #3, #4, #5, #6 prevailed.
04/17/2023 Third reading. Passed Senate.
04/18/2023 Returned to the House with amendments
04/18/2023 Motion to dissent filed in House.
04/18/2023 House dissented from Senate amendments. House conferees and advisors appointed.
04/20/2023 Senate conferees and advisors appointed.
04/27/2023 Conference Committee Report adopted by House and Senate.
04/28/2023 Signed by President of the Senate.
05/01/2023 Signed by Speaker of the House.
05/04/2023 Signed by Governor.