Jay Hoffman
263-S Stratton Office Building
Springfield, IL 62706

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Requires use of reports from the Federal Commercial Driver's License Clearinghouse in issuing CDLs.



Amends the Illinois Vehicle Code. Defines "drug and alcohol
clearinghouse" as a database system established by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration that permits the access and retrieval of a drug and alcohol testing violation or violations precluding an applicant or employee from occupying safety-sensitive positions involving the operation of a commercial motor vehicle. Provides that, no later than
November 18, 2024, the Secretary shall request information from the drug and alcohol clearinghouse for all applicants applying for an initial, renewal, transfer, or upgraded commercial driver's license or commercial learner's permit, and enforce federal regulations pertaining to the clearinghouse. Provides that a commercial learner's permit is valid for 12 months (instead of 6 months with a 6-month renewal). Provides that certificates of insurance and notices of cancellation or termination of insurance shall be submitted to the Secretary of State electronically (instead of in written or electronic form). Sets forth additional requirements for certain vehicles when approaching or stopping at railroad grade crossings, railroad tracks or tracks at grades, or highway rail
grade crossings.



Effective 6/30/2023. Same as SB 1703.


02/17/2023 Introduced. Referred to House Committee on Rules.
02/28/2023 Assigned to House Committee on Transportation: Vehicles and Safety.
03/08/2023 Passed favorably from House Committee on Transportation: Vehicles & Safety.
03/08/2023 Placed on House Calendar for 2nd Reading.
03/16/2023 Second reading in House.
03/16/2023 Placed on House calendar for third reading.
03/23/2023 Third reading. Passed House.
03/24/2023 Arrived in Senate.
03/24/2023 Placed on Senate calendar for first reading.
03/24/2023 First reading in Senate.
03/24/2023 Referred to Senate Committee on Assignments.
04/18/2023 Referred to Senate Committee on Transportation.
04/26/2023 Passed favorably from the House Committee on Transportation.
04/26/2023 Placed on second reading calendar in House.
04/27/2023 Second reading in Senate.
04/27/2023 Placed on third reading in Senate.
05/10/2023 Third reading. Passed Senate.
06/08/2023 Sent to the Governor.
06/30/2023 Approved by Governor.