TX SB 1939


Bryan Hughes
P.O. Box 12068, Capitol Station
Austin, TX 78711

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Truck Size and Weight






Authorizes issuance of annual overweight permits for intermodal cargo containers up to 97,000 lbs.



This bill authorizes the Texas DOT to issue an annual permit for the movement of a sealed ocean cargo shipping container moving in overseas international commerce on a trailer or semitrailer with three axles if the combination of vehicles transporting the container has: a single axle weight of not more than 20,000 pounds; a tandem axle weight of not more than 34,000 pounds; a tri-axle weight of not more than 51,000 pounds; and a gross weight of not more than 97,000 pounds. The department shall restrict vehicles operating under a permit issued under this section to routes that are on highways in the state highway system and are not more than five miles from any border between this state and another state. An applicant for a permit under this section must designate each Texas Department of Transportation district in which the permit will be used. The department shall set the amount of the fee for a permit issued under this section in an amount not to exceed $2,000.



Died upon adjournment. Companion to HB 3460.


03/10/2017 Filed in Senate.
03/27/2017 Read first time. Referred to Senate Committee on Transportation.
05/17/2017 Considered in public hearing in Senate Committee on Transportation.
05/18/2017 Reported favorably as substituted by Senate Committee on Transportation.
05/19/2017 Reported engrossed in Senate. Received in House from Senate.
05/20/2017 Read first time in House. Referred to House Committee on Transportation.
05/20/2017 Considered in formal meeting in House Committee on Transportation. Reported favorably without amendments. Committee report sent to calendars.