NJ SB 510


Teresa Ruiz
166 Bloomfield Ave.
Newark, NJ 07104

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Supports increased volume of shipping at certain ports and designates the Port Support Zone Act. Imposes a tax on empty intermodal shipping.



This bill establishes a port support zone surrounding the Port Newark-Elizabeth Port Authority Marine Terminal. The port support zone will assist with the increase in shipping volume expected upon the completion of the expansion of the Panama Canal and the raising of the roadway of the Bayonne Bridge to accommodate modern container ships. The port support zone includes the area within a five-mile radius of the outermost boundary of the port. Provides that, notwithstanding any law, rule, regulation, or ordinance to the contrary: (1) no amendment or revision to any zoning ordinance shall change the classification of a district zoned for commercial or industrial purposes and located within the support zone; and (2) an overweight commercial vehicle may travel along any road reasonably contiguous to the port, so long as that road is within an industrial or commercial zone of that municipality. Authorizes the Department of Transportation, upon adoption of an ordinance or resolution by the City of Newark, the City of Elizabeth, or both, to issue a special permit for the operation of overweight vehicles over designated routes reasonably contiguous to the Port Newark-Elizabeth Port Authority Marine Terminal, within the Port support zone, or both, if the vehicle, meets specified criteria. The bill authorizes a municipality having a population greater than 150,000 persons to impose a tax on empty intermodal shipping containers stored within the municipality, under certain circumstances.



Died upon adjournment. Same as AB 1961.


01/12/2016 Introduced in the Senate. Referred to Senate Committee on Economic Growth.